(9/25) - GTA Trilogy Remaster Rumor

Recently lots of speculation around a GTA Trilogy Remaster have been floated around. Take-Two aggressively pursuing any "remaster" mods of GTA III, Vice City, or San Andreas with DMCA take downs suddenly makes sense when paired with rumors coming from within the company. A full blown remaster of the three GTA III era games is supposedly in the works and nearing a release. Sources have confirmed that Rockstar Dundee is in charge of remasters. In fact a GTA 5 remaster/upgrade for PS5/Series X hardware has already been confirmed. 

With all this, it is looking more and more likely that we will in fact see a GTA Trilogy Remaster. If it turns out to be true, this is thrilling news and more then enough to hold us avid GTA fans over until an official GTA 6 announcement. 

With that said, if and when they release the remaster I will personally have a huge collection of projects I will work on re-releasing for the remasters. This will include loads of vehicle, ped, and coding mods. EVLS, SAPD: FR/Five-0, USNG: FR, and lots of other projects will immediately get "remastered". 

Work into a :FR style mod for GTA III and Vice City would also be immediately considered. To get into the mood for III style modding again, I've uploaded some new legacy releases on the index. Some throw back SAPD: FR add-ons, EVLS compatible vehicles, and more. Check out the whole section for a complete list of available projects. More on it's way!

Added to Legacy Releases (9/25)

  • [SAPD: FR Add-On] NARC Unit
  • [SAPD: FR Add-On]  Traffic Stop Support
  • [SAPD: FR Add-On] K9 Unit System
  • [SAPD: FR Add-On] Traffic Control
  • [EVLS] 2010 Ford CVPI
  • [EVLS] 2012 Dodge Charger MHP
  • [EVLS] 2008 Dodge Charger
  • 2012 Dodge Charger UC (Paintable)
  • [EVLS] Ford F-250 Incident Response
  • Ford F250 BCSO Ultimate Response

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To help feed the idea I've included some fan-made proof of concepts and links to all the information.

[Sources]: Kotaku Report - GameRant News

[Render Credit]: 3D artist Hossein Diba

- Adam ​DeLuca

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