(1-01) - Big Update, Return, & Release Timeline

It's been a while since the last update. First off happy holidays to everyone! With holiday season officially wrapping up, hopefully we can shift back into gear going forward. I have a lot of projects I'm wanting to get finished up and a lot of future ones to get going on.

Since the last update, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition has released. With mixed reactions of course but never the less it is an improved platform with promising modding potential. Some mods have already started rolling in and some projects have been opened on this new release. One of these will include a complete overhaul of my older Emergency Vehicle Lighting System (EVLS), for San Andreas Definitive Edition. A remake of the old classic SAPD: FR mod (name pending) is also in the works.


Turning back to GTA V, there are still some projects on the horizon. Highway Callouts will be getting a preview release along with some more new projects. A fish and wildlife pack and a complete LSPD: FR "story mode" add-on is also something being worked on right now. Keep checking back frequently for updates! 

- Adam ​DeLuca

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